Why I Adore Our White Shanty Barn Door

*** This Giveaway Is Now Closed ***

A big thank you for everyone that entered from KindredVintageCo and WhiteShanty Design for your support and congrats to Sara for winning the door!

Hi friends! Are you ready to hear more about this FABULOUS sliding barn door handmade by White Shanty Design?!

kindred vintage co. barn doorIf you follow along on Instagram, you probably have seen me share it there and read me gush about how about how much I adore it! It is truly both amazing and functional, so let me tell you some of the reasons why we love it so much.  Besides being absolutely stunning and appealing to the eye, the door serves a purpose in our home that I didn’t even realize we needed!  

kindred vintage co. barn doorAs most of you know, we just recently finished up construction on our home. One of the last projects to be completed was adding on a new family room off of the kitchen. This is the room that now gets the most use aside from the kitchen itself and it is also the room that holds our television. Before we added the barn door the noise from the t.v. would radiate throughout and since the stairs to our upper level are located right off the kitchen, that means the noise would travel up to the rooms above. Which is something that we seriously try to avoid when there are two small children that we just put to bed! 😉

kindred vintage co. barn door

We had our contractor John install the door for two reasons.  First, the size of this door is HUGE.   Seth was so kind to customize the door to the opening between the kitchen and the new room.  That’s roughly about five feet so that meant the door weighed over 300 pounds.  Second, although my husband is getting better at being handy, with the size and my worry that he’d add a bit too much of the shabby to the chic trying to hang this gem, we decided to leave it to the professionals.   And one of the benefits of having John hang this piece, he was able to inspect its quality.  To this day (it’s been about 60 days up) John still comments on how well made and “awesome” it is (see addendum below).  With that professional reassurance and clearly just looking at it, I am so smitten. The door is SO very well made and the hardware is very high end as well.
kindred vintage co. barn door

What is awesome too is that the room is completely surrounded by windows, so whenever we slide the door shut I have the comfort of knowing that we have complete privacy.  I can’t explain how much peace of mind that gives me!

kindred vintage co. barn door

Even our girls approve!  At any given time you’ll find them playing peek-a-boo around the door.  You should hear their giggles as their little heads pop around the corner and to surprise one another.  I may be a bit biased but it sure is cute. 🙂

kindred vintage co. barn door

Here’s the link to the door in our home: Traditional Half X And you can find the hardware here: Vintage Industrial Spoked Horseshoe Hardware

kindred vintage co. barn door

Lastly, what I love about this door too is that I get to do my part to help a small business succeed!  Seth Wright works out of Provo, Utah where he is literally building his dream.  His story involves all of the great characteristics of Americana: small town, hard work, loving family, and beautiful mountain terrain (at least that’s what I think about when I think of the American Dream :).  Seth’s been awesome to work with.  He offered to speak directly to my contractor because he knew clearly that I wasn’t familiar with the construction lingo :), helped me to determine what best suits the space, and overall is just a genuinely nice guy.  If you have any questions about this door or what it was like ordering please feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly answer as best I can or, go directly to Seth and he’ll fill you in on the details.

Here’s the future showcase studio of White Shanty Design. Doesn’t it look like a great creative space?! I think so!

WhiteShanty Design

Addendum: All furniture goes through some serious quality control testing. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the proof below:  🙂

WhiteShanty Design

I strongly believe, “If you really love something, it’ll keep bringing you joy”.  So in honor of finding pieces for your home that you’ll want to cherish forever, Seth’s team and I are excited to offer one lucky reader a WhiteShanty barn door, complete with hardware!

The only caveats are that the door cannot exceed 36 X 84 inches or be walnut or glass paneled.  Also, the hardware is limited to the standard styles (up to $239 in value).  But with so many great options to select from, you’ll have ample great pieces to choose from!

To enter, please:

  1. Follow both @kindredvintage and @whiteshantydesign on Instagram.
  2. Let a friend know about this giveaway by tagging them on KindredVintageCo.’s Instagram Barndoor Giveaway Post.
  3. Visit White Shanty Design and select what barn door you love then leave a comment below stating which one and where you would use it in your home.
  4. For an additional entry repost our Instagram giveaway image with the hashtag #kvwhiteshantystyle

Best of luck to you! Random winner will be chosen and announced Wednesday, March 3rd 2016. Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only.

  • Tanya Ng - We would love the beautiful Custom Built Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door for my sons room! We moved his room after having our second child and just haven’t finished it and would love to give him a farm door for his closet.ReplyCancel

  • Gina - I love the rustic modern chevron door which would look amazing in my bedroom!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Moreau - I’d get the tradition full Z door!!! I would use it in my master bedroom that leads to the master bathroom!!! It would be amaZing!!!ReplyCancel

  • Liz gilroy - I love the darkest wood door!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Gilroy - Let me try again-I love the traditional single panel solid walnut sliding door!ReplyCancel

  • Heidi Willard - I love the single panel mirror styled solid alder sliding barn door for my library. It would be a perfect compliment to make this room quiet and elegant!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Campfield - I love each door especially the four panel with glass. I’d use it at the playroom downstairsReplyCancel

  • Brianne Cunningham - I think the Rustic Modern Chevron door would be perfect for our Master Bath! Not only do we not have a door on our bathroom, but we’ll have charcoal herringbone laid tiles on the floor that I think would look amazing with this chevron pattern!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Case - I would choose this exact door, the Traditonal half X

    We would use it for he same purpose as well, in our family room. We have a large opening like this one and when we are sitting in our family room every neighbor or person who walks up to the door can see us, so it would be so perfect for privacy. It would also be great to block out the sun streaming in during the later evening hours so we can watch tv and be together without having to wear sunglasses! Lol it’s not a necessity of course but would be so wonderful to have, it fits our house decor perfectly too. We actually spoke with someone about making us one and he never followed through, so this would just be great to finally complete our space!ReplyCancel

  • Molly jackson - Oh my goodness. They are all to die for! I can’t decide between the turquoise or the mirrored one. Amazing company!ReplyCancel

    • Darla - They are all beautiful! If I had to choose I would pick the traditional two panel diagonal door and would give it to my married daughter who has a bathroom vanity open to her bedroom and this would be wonderful for them to close off the bathroom! Thank you for this nice giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Tricia Dixon - I love this door and am planning to put it in my master bedroom leading into the master bath. It is gorgeous!
    The barn door from white shanty design that I love the most is a custom made white washed barn door. It didn’t have ant other specifics mentioned…but is absolutely gorgeous! Just what I have been looking for!ReplyCancel

  • Angie landers - My favorite is the Rustic Modern Chevron!
    I am designing and building a new house and I plan to put a barn door upstairs leading to my bonus room!ReplyCancel

  • Taryn - I love the gray chevron one!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Steppke - I would pretty much take any door. They are all beautiful. But, I’m drawn to the grey stain chevron look one. Drool…..ReplyCancel

    • Nicole Steppke - Oops…I’d use it in my new bathroom remodel 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kellie Dooley - Loving the gray chevron sliding barn door for the entry to my kiddos playroom. Just amazing!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Single Panel Glass Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door is my jam!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Marie Jackson - I like the reclaimed wood one the best. We’ve been wanting to put one for the opening to our bedroom which happens to be right off the dining/living room. I have 3 boys ages 7, 10, and 13. A barn door would provide some privacy for this lone female mama.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten Brown - My parents are currently remodeling the basement of their home on Lake Michigan and they hope to put in a sliding barn door as part of the renovation. They’ve done so much for my husband and I and our new baby in the past year as we’ve moved near them to start a new role in Youth Ministry at their church, so as a “thank you” I would love to surprise them with one of White Shanty’s Custom Built Rustic Sliding Farm Doors!ReplyCancel

  • Megan L. - I love the Custom Built Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door! I would use this door for my bedroom.ReplyCancel

  • Carissa Bonham - So glad you’re hosting this giveaway! I’ve been shopping for barn doors and hardware and I hadn’t heard of this company before but their stiff looks great!

    I love this door:http://whiteshanty.com/product/traditional-double-z-styled-solid-alder-sliding-darn-door/ – but maybe in white?ReplyCancel

  • Erin Joseph - I love the rustic modern chevron & the traditional half X, but all of them are amazingly gorgeous!! Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Erin Joseph - Forgot to put where I’d use it!! We have a lift that we want to be able to close up and it would be perfect for this.ReplyCancel

  • Angie - I would love to win the double z sliding style door. I was just showing a sliding door to my husband yesterday & explaining why we need one desperately!ReplyCancel

  • Cassy E. - I like the double x door and the modern chevron door. I would love this for the entrance to my salon.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - We’d love any of these,but the chevron & custom our my favorites. We need a sliding barn door for the large opening between between our wood paneled guest room & kitchen, otherwise there’s no privacy. We have exactly the perfect space & need for one, no other traditional door will work. We live so close as well! Jackson Hole, wyoming with baby number two on the way making this project a must!ReplyCancel

  • Liz gifford - I love the traditional two panel solid knotty alder sliding barn door!!! It would be beautiful as a replacement to a swinging door we now have going into our dinning room. Thanks for allowing me to enter!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I would pick the barn door, reclaimed wood, to go in our master bedroom for our bathroom entry. We are remodeling do to our handicapped boy and need the space to not have a teaditional door. We have been planning one of these or a pocket door. Love these!ReplyCancel

  • Katie B - I would love the custom vertical rustic sliding barn door and I would use it in my bedroom or hallway…whichever looked the best!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - I love them all! If I had to choose just one I’d pick the 4 panel glass.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Wood - Love the traditional half X door for my walk in closet.ReplyCancel

  • Brandi - Modern industrial door!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - I love the traditional styled solid alder door. Stunning doors!ReplyCancel

  • Christine Small - I love the horizontal slat alder barndoor! I would use it between my kitchen and dining room.ReplyCancel

  • Charlene Harmon - The doors are all so beautiful! If I were fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner, I would chose Traditional Two Panel Solid Knotty Alder Sliding Barn Door. This door would be beautiful in the house we are remodeling! I would put this in the master bedroom doorway that leads to the master bath. Currently there is no door there, just open. This would be perfect to add a little privacy!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea House - Would LOVE to have the rustic sliding farm barn door in our soon to be new home!ReplyCancel

  • Mindy Wilson - We would love the custom built sliding farm barn door! We have a perfect spot for it!!ReplyCancel

  • Christy Magowan - Oh my goodness! They’re all so beautiful but I would have to say that the Double X Solid Adler Door is my favorite. It would look perfect on my office doorway which is right next to the front door. It’s my new-to-me front door that has a cottage style 9 pane window above the same X below. It’s my small attempt to add cottage charm to our builder basic entryway. Can’t wait to see who wins and which style they choose!ReplyCancel

  • Caty Wright - I would live to have a solid walnut sliding door for my laundry room.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Sargent - I am in love with all these doors! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite but the one that made my heart pitter-patter was the modern chevron. We have these odd doors leading into our master bath that are screaming to be changed. I would be ever so grateful and excited beyond belief to win! Crossing fingers and toes?ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Oh they are all gorgeous but this one is my fav! Traditional Two Panel Solid Knotty Alder Sliding Barn Door! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Denise Voccola - I love the rustic sliding barn farm door–boy, was that a hard choice!– and would use it on my bedroom closet!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki Brown - I love the glass panel door, I’ve never seen a barn door with glass panels! And I would use it either to divide my bathroom from my bedroom or in the entryway of my front room. They are all so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa E - I am in love with barn doors! Especially these! It was so hard to choose because they are all equally beautiful but I like this one the best http://whiteshanty.com/product/vertical-rip-reclaimed-solid-alder-barn-door/ ! Thank you so much!
    Following as @alittlepreppy_ on InstagramReplyCancel

  • Alyssa E - Oops I forgot to tell you where I would want this. I would love to put this in the living room / sitting room. We’ve been trying remodel out siting room into a nice relaxing place where we can sit and talk.ReplyCancel

  • Tina Costolo - We are expecting our first baby, a boy due in July! We would hang the barn door in his nursery on one of the walls as the focal point. We love the double X solid alder barn door! We’re doing a rustic camping theme, my husband and both of our fathers are Eagle Scouts and we’re using their old Boy Scout pictures as the decor! The door would fit perfectly in the room! Thank you for putting together such an awesome giveaway and best of luck to all the entrants! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jade - I love all of the doors, but my favorite one would have to be the traditional 4 panel glass styled solid alder sliding barn door. Our master bathroom is open to our bedroom, and I’ve been dying to put up a barn door. That door would be stunning in our master bedroom!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Koepsell - All are so beautiful it is hard to choose! My eye keeps going back to the gray chevron one! I would put it as the closet door for my little man’s “big boy” room!ReplyCancel

  • Arami - If I win this AMAZING giveaway it would be a dream come true!! I love the Double Door Vintage Spoked Industrial Hardware with the Beautiful Sold Walnut Sliding Door combo. I would install it in my living room. Thank you for the opportunity Kindred Vintage Co!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jamie palmer - I love the vertical slat sliding door. It is the epitome of my style and would work perfectly in my home. It is the perfect intersection of vintage and modern design in one piece.ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Loving the “Full X Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door”!! I would use this in the doorway that is between our kitchen/family room and our living room area. This will be great to help contain our little puppy (and future babies!) when I’m trying to cook in the kitchen. Im sure my hubby would love it too so that when I’m on the phone he doesn’t get disturbed watching TV, hehe.ReplyCancel

  • Jess Jones - I love the traditional half X barn door in a painted finish. I am about to start my kitchen remodel and I really want to put a sliding barn door on my pantry so the kids stop running into it when the door is left open! ?ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Gora - I love them all, but would choose one with some glass for my laundry room!ReplyCancel

  • Anna - Oh my. What beautiful doors! If I were chosen for this amazing giveaway I’d put the traditional half X in the hallway between the living space and the bedrooms. Our new-to-us 1940s home would show off this door like nobodies business.ReplyCancel

  • Misty H - I would choose the Rustic Modern Chevron door in white. It would be the perfect addition to the doorway between our foyer and great room. Or possibly between our foyer and the “bedroom” side of our home. Too many options…I would put these doors everywhere if I could!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Telfer - Rustic modern chevron barn door for my master bathroom door!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Foster - WOW! Gorgeous doors!! We are about to move into a new home so one of these needs to go somewhere! The single paneled mirror door would be perfect on our master bedroom closet as there is currently no door. Or the traditional two panel solid knotty alder barn door between the dining room and living room. All the hardware is amazing but I think I’d go with single door vintage industrial spoked hardware.ReplyCancel

  • Tina Costolo - Not sure if my first post uploaded. I saw it at first but don’t see it now, so posting again. I love the double X solid alder barn door. Good luck to all entrants.ReplyCancel

  • Jade - I love all of the doors, but my favorite one would have to be the Traditional 4 Panel Glass Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door. I would love to put a barn door between our master bedroom and master bath. This would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah - What an awesome giveaway! Love all the barn doors, but would love the traditional single panel solid walnut sliding barn door for my master bathroom! Fingers crossed!!ReplyCancel

  • Cathi Swanson - It’s a hard choice but the Rip Reclaimed Solid Alder Barn Door (med-dark stain & sealed) is the perfect mix of modern & rustic. For hardware, the Classic Industrial Front Strap Sliding Barn Door Hardware in brushed stainless. We’d feature this between the open living/dining area & master bedroom. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Lacy Rowan - I would choose the traditional half X door, white. We are currently remodeling our home and I am putting barn doors on our front closet/hidden bench, laundry room, and hall closet. Have been watching this site forever but can’t afford to buy three of them so was looking to have them made and just buy the hardware. Would love to win one!!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Muench - Love these !ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Cook - Love love love the rustic modern chevron door! Well all the doors really! It would look perfect in our bedroom going into our bathroom!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Beautiful doors! I would love the Double X door for our new house to close off our 3 daughters playroom from the main family room.ReplyCancel

  • Amy W - I think it’s a tie between the traditional z and the traditional x doors. Plus I love the door that you picked! .ReplyCancel

  • Sara - Yes please!!! I would choose the single panel mirrored door for our bedroom!!ReplyCancel

    • susan - Congratulations!!! Sara, you are the lucky winner. Please email me your contact info so we can send you your door!


  • Ashley Sutton - I would be so so grateful to choose the traditional full Z styled door. I would showcase it as the focal point in our 1860s farmhouse kitchen to separate the walk through pantry from the kitchen. All of these doors are so gorgeous, my fingers are crossed!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Schmucker - I love the traditional diagonal. So many gorgeous doors!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Damore - Yes please, I love the modern chevron with by-pass hardware!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - I am in love with the rustic modern chevron door. It would look amazing in my bedroom!!! <3ReplyCancel

  • Allyson N. - They are all so beautiful! I think I would go with theTraditional Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door- perhaps in a color? Love the lines. We have a baby coming soon and we talk about enclosing our carport for more space. I would love to have a barn door for it so it could be private or open when we want.ReplyCancel

  • Brandy Wilder - I would choose the custom Rustic barn door…most likely in the whitewashed color. I have 3 locations in my home that a barn door would fit and look amazing. I have asked my husband for one for over 2.5 years. I have an open floor plan; therefore you can see from my front door to my back door.You enter in the entryway and walk through the
    kitchen, eat in kitchen area, living room and finally to the kids playroom before hitting the back door. I would love to have a barn door to separate the adult living from playroom. I could also use on in my master bedroom to separate the bedroom from the bathroom or accent m pantry by replacing those horrible accordion doors that pinch you kiddos fingers. Ouch. Really hoping to win!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn stott - Beautiful beautiful doors. I would use a in my living room. It would add character and texture to our home. I would choosethe vintage industrial spoked hardware with the two panel knotty alder door. Hard drcision…all are awesome. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn stott - Beautiful beautiful doors. I would use in my living room. It would add character and texture to our home. I would choose the vintage industrial spoked hardware with the two panel knotty alder door. Hard decision…all are awesome. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - They’re all gorgeous! Would LOVE the traditional half x styled solid knotty alder sliding barn door, unfinished stain grade, with any of their hardware. We would use it to separate our main living space from a hallway that goes to the bedrooms/bathrooms in the rest of our home. Currently living with the in laws while my amazing husband renovates our little farmhouse- it’s literally been demoed down to the studs, and dirt floor under the house! Would love to win this so it would be one less thing he’ll have to build! Hoping to be done with reno before baby #2 arrives in May!ReplyCancel

  • Ashleigh - I am obsessed with barn doors!! They are all so beautiful, such a hard choice but I would have to go with an eeny meeny miny moe between the style you chose, the full z style or mirror style door. I would use it in a door way that originally lead to a breezeway that has since been enclosed and currently in the slow process of being remodeled into a functional space the door way is placed quite awkwardly and a barn door would be perfect for the space. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cecily - I would choose the Traditional Half X door in the color shown on their site and it would go in our master bedroom that we are currently remodeling!ReplyCancel

  • Lance brown - So hard to choose just one. They are all awesome, I like the full z or full x. I would put it in the doorway to my front room.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Herrin - I love the horizontal slat reclaimed alder door. My 13 yr old son wants a barn door for his room! This one would be perfect! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Spurlin - Love them all, but the traditional half X would look especially great in our master bedroom leading to the bath.ReplyCancel

  • Mikayla Elegante - You guys have such beautiful, creative work! I like the 2 door brown doors! We are trying to decorate out first house and have been wanting something like this for the entrance into our new family room! Your doors would be so perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Kyla Lash - These are all so beautiful!! I love the Traditional Half X Styled Solid Knotty Alder Sliding Barn Door. I would use it between my kitchen and living room!ReplyCancel

  • Allison - Beautiful doors! I would choose the Full X Solid Alder Door for my laundry room which is visible from my tv room, kitchen, and breakfast room. It would be an awesome addition!!ReplyCancel

  • Sara Barajas - we would love to have the traditional Full Z Styled Solid Alder Sliding!! We would put in our master bedroom for the entrance into the bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Cherish Reale - I’d love the traditional X for my pantry kitchen door right now. Currently there is no door and I have been shopping barn doors to fix this. Fingers crossed!ReplyCancel

  • Beth - I’m obsessed with the Single Panel Mirror Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door. I know the mirror would keep the space from feeling too small, but they’re ALL stunning!ReplyCancel

  • Alison Fulton - Rustic modern chevron door please!!! I would have to buy an additional on and use them in my formal sitting room! LOVE!!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Just bought my great grandmothers home built in 1865! I would love the traditional double panel door for my dining room renovation! It would just make the home even more unique!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Levine - I love the rustic sliding barn farm door in the natural barn wood! My husband and I just recently bought our first home and I could honestly use this in so many places! Our den has an exposed brick fireplace with wooden ceiling beams that this would be great in or the natural wood door could warm up our mostly white kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa W - Obsessed with the Rustic Modern Chevron sliding barn door! Would paint in white and very very want one for the entrance to our basement! Would love to win this!ReplyCancel

  • Cristy Winstead - I love them all, but my favorite is the Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door! I would put it in the doorway to my kitchen!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Lowrey - Absolutely beautiful work!!!!! I love them all, they’re all so different, unique in color, texture and design. My fav is probably the grey. Exceptional talent!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I would chose the traditional half X sliding barn door, the one pictured. I am so inspired by the creativity, ideas and placement of the decor you use. I absolutely LOVE sliding barn doors and can only dream of putting one in my house. I can just picture it opening up to the laundry room, it would be the perfect addition!ReplyCancel

  • Dee - I would love the Traditional 4 Panel Glass Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door for my dining room. It would be perfect to compliment the style furniture we have. The primary reason I would love to win is so I can protect the very expensive oriental carpet that I discovered my dog likes to use in inclement weather. I just paid a small fortune to have it cleaned and now have a pet gate in the entrance to keep her out – truly not an elegant solution! Ciao, DeeReplyCancel

  • Tracy Nix - We would LOVE the Reclaimed Horizontal Slat Solid Alder Barn Door in our Master Bedroom! Truthfully, they are ALL beautiful and it was hard to choose! I love them all!ReplyCancel

  • Molly - We’d love the Traditional Half X sliding door for our forever home we are closing on in May. As a elementary school teacher and a high school counselor we stay up late many nights after putting our two littlest to bed burning the midnight oil. It would be great to be able to sit and talk above a whisper as my voice is either off or at teacher level ?. Thanks for the opportunity !ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Barrah - We live in an old(er) house with exposed redwood ceiling and the dark ceiling while beautiful often makes the small space seem even smaller. The Single Panel Mirror Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door would be a perfect space saving solution in my home office (replacing a traditional closet door) while brightening up the room! Love it!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Love the full X. So many great choices though and I happen to be in the market for my pantry which I have been desperate to change out the doors for lately.ReplyCancel

  • Maren Stewart - I like the Traditional Half X used in this post! Just beautiful! I would put it in my living room!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I love your door! Traditional half X barn door. The white would look amazing in our craftsman style home we just built! It would look awesome on our media room door just inside the front door for all to see!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Do I have to pick just one?! I think I’d choose the Traditional Full Z Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door for our kids playroom! Oh the drama it would create <3ReplyCancel

  • Londen - It sounds silly, but we are in desperate need of a sliding door. That has been our plan since we bought our new/old house but other projects keep jumping in front. Our powder room is off our family room and when the door is open it sticks out into the room (not ideal) kids never seem to remember to close it;)
    I love the traditional styled door, we need a 33×84. Thanks for the chance!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Miller - First of all, I LOVE them all!! The one that works best for our family room is the Traditional Double Horizontal Barn Door. We can’t wait to connect our office and family room together with this door!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - The custom built rustic sliding farm door would be a dream come true in our living room. We host small groups weekly and often need a door to separate discussions for men and women. I’ve been dreaming of a sliding barn door as it is the only thing that would work in the layout of our space. Thanks for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Tami Oliver - I love the traditional half X. I would want it to be a creamy white but a bit distressed. It would be the perfect entrance to our master bath from our master bedroom! Have been telling my husband for awhile now that a barn door would be perfect there!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Heywood - I love the custom built rustic sliding barn farm door. We just moved to a small 1925 cottage from the urban jungle of NYC. Our kitchen is tiny but I have a wall that I want to turn into a pantry. A barn door would be perfect to cover the pantry. Thank you for having such a cool giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Joy Paterson - Oh my goodness! How do I chose just one?!? They are all so beautiful!! I think it would have to be the Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door. It is exactly what I’m wanting for my living room leading into my dining. It would definitely be the finishing touch the room needs.ReplyCancel

  • RustedOlive - I have officially fallen in love with the half x door in blue. There’s no other words to describe it except – dreamy. (This is where I pose the heart eveyes)ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Toennies - I would be so happy and grateful to win any door. We are currently finishing our basement and it would be the perfect addition to the entry way into play room. The traditional styled solid alder door is gorgeous!! Keep up the hard work! It’s inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • Janice Foreman - I would love love the custom built rustic sliding barn farm door. My husband and I are moving to little rock, ar to hopefully fix up a little suburban farmhouse!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Legerski - I LOVE the Double X solid Alder Barn door !!!!! Such amazing creations for the home. We would definitely put the door going from our livingroom into our mud room.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - I would love the Vertical Slat Rustic Sliding Barn Door! We’re building a house and this would be an awesome focal point in our kitchen going into our pantry/laundry room. We’re making a “fake roof” over our laundry room with can lights in the overhang that would shine on the door & shiplap walls.ReplyCancel

  • Kristi - I love all these doors, they are amazing. We currently have no door on our laundry room and are waiting to save up for a barn door; so this would be such a blessing. Hard choice but I would choose the Chevron Door. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and helping me find another company that makes barn doors!ReplyCancel

  • Cameo Monnin - I would love a 4′ custom rustic sliding barn door with a painted and weathered finish. My husband and I are in the process of building our dream home and I have been admiring Kindred Vintage and White Shanty for some time now. We already have a perfect spot for the door in our kitchen. Thanks for this giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Carly - Oh man! We are currently building a home and need a barn door for the master bathroom. What beautiful doors! Both my husband and I independently love this one: http://whiteshanty.com/product/single-panel-mirror-styled-solid-alder-sliding-barn-door/ ???ReplyCancel

  • Isela Elizabeth - I would just adore the rustic modern chevron barndoor! That is absolutely stunning!!!! I think it would look amazing in my entry way into my masterbathroom from my master bedroom!! Wow, these doors are phenomenal!!!! ? ?ReplyCancel

  • Katie Bergsten - The rustic modern chevron door would be perfect to divide my entry from my office.ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Alexander - I love the traditional diagonal door. Gorgeous products.ReplyCancel

    • Chelsea Alexander - And I’d use it in the master bedroom in the doorway to the bathroom.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Donescek - I love the traditional full z barn door in white entrance to wine cellar.. Hard just choosing one is it overkill to have more than moe I your home. ?ReplyCancel

  • Jeanette Posecznick - I love the double Z barn door!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Johnsen - Love this!! We just relocated, moving out of our beloved 103 year old farmhouse & are dying to renovate our new home. This is exactly what the dear hubs & I were looking for, for the entry leading into our master bedroom. I asked him to choose & he loves the Custom Built Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door with the Classic Industrial Y Bracket Hardware. What a dream, to have this beautiful piece of craftsmanship in our home to care for & enjoy & it’s right off the foyer, above a spiraling staircase, where all who come to visit can’t help but see.ReplyCancel

  • Jeanette Posecznick - I would love the double z door in our dining room for added interest and privacy!!! How cozy would that be!?!ReplyCancel

  • Isela Elizabeth - I would love the rustic modern chevron door! Wow!!! It is gorgeous!!! I would put it between my master bath and master bedroom. These doors are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha patchett - We just bought our first home and I would love to be able to have the traditional http://whiteshanty.com/product/traditional-two-panel-diagonal-sliding-barn-door/.ReplyCancel

  • Whitney - Love all these doors. Would love to use the 4 Panel Glass Styled Solid Adler Sliding Barn Door to separate my master bedroom and bathroom. It would be beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Beautiful doors! If I were blessed to win one of these doors, I would choose the Traditional Z door in white. It would replace my boring closet door in my bedroom. Good luck, everyone!ReplyCancel

  • Melody Hillam - I love them all! How could I choose? But the Full X Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door would be perfect for my main floor laundry room which doesn’t currently have a door. So it would be nice to block out the sound when doing laundry. Also our master bathroom doesn’t have a door (who designs a house that way?!). So either the laundry room or bathroom so my kids stop running in on me in the shower and seeing things those innocent eyes simple should NOT see! ?ReplyCancel

  • Ana - Instagram name is aglimpse_of_mylife_ and the door I would love to win is the Single Panel Glass Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door. I would use the wonderful door for my pantry which is in the kitchen and visible at all times. It will complete our look and make our home beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Y. Martin - The Custom Rustic Barn door in a white wash. I would like to have one for our guest bedroom closet. Giving our family and friends that visit us a beautiful barn door to look at.ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - I would choose the rustic sliding barn farm door. I would use it in our bedroom between the main room and hallway to the master bath….it would prevent my husband from building his pillow wall to keep the light out while he is still sleeping in the mornings ??ReplyCancel

  • Heidi Nesta - They are all beautiful and I’d be happy with pretty much any of them in my house, but if I have to choose I think I’d go with the Traditional 4 Panel Glass Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door to replace our current master bathroom doors.ReplyCancel

  • Carm - Amazing works. Would love to bring a beautiful taste of the farm life of Wine Country indoors in my Napa home with the reclaimed horizontal solid alder barn door. Beautiful piece. I promise to show all my friends- it would be hard to miss as they enter the home. 🙂 So tasteful and truly artistic.ReplyCancel

  • Angela - I would love the “rustic sliding barn farm door” as the door to our mudroom. The doors are stunning and so is your photo bombed image on Instagram. What a fun giveaway, to give someone else something you love!ReplyCancel

  • Gabby - Obsessed with them all, but if I had to pick, it would be the traditional two panel knotty or the traditional half x style!ReplyCancel

  • Shannen Brenner - I would love the Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door! We are building our new home to be done in 2017! My husband is such a hard worker and is doing most all the building (along with being a full time paramedic/husband&daddy)! Would love to add this in our new home and to be able to surprise my husband with one less thing to build! Love your work, these are beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • Shannen Brenner - Forgot to add that we would want the barn door for our pantry!:))ReplyCancel

  • Daunne - I LOVE the Rustic Chevron style…I would use it mostly as a conversation piece going into my hallway which would also close it of if need be. They are all beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - I adore the Custom Built Rustic Sliding Barn Farm Door, and would use it as an entrance to the master bedroom!ReplyCancel

  • Lillian - AHHHHH okay, 1) best giveaway ever 2)I’m obsessed with all you instagrams… like, seeing them pop up make my heart happy (is that lame?) 3) LITERALLY just told my husband I would like a barn door for our pantry. The current door opens INTO the pantry, taking up space and the sliding door would be so much more effective – and look amazing. I love all the doors but I’m drooling over the Rustic Modern Chevron Sliding Barn Door…. gorgeous.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I would choose the rustic sliding farm barn door natural in the natural whitewashed finish or in white and put it in my bedroom over the bathroom entryway! Thank you!!ReplyCancel

  • Jami - My husband and I have a old farmhouse that was built in 1903. We love our home, but we have been working on restoring with a project every year for the last 9 years. Everything from the roof, exterior, flooring, plumbing, you name it, needed to be restored or redone. We do all the work ourselves, but we decided to start a family a few years back which caused us to get a tad behind in finishing. All we have left to do is the worst part…the kitchen. We have been living on subflooring for the last 2 years and plan to continue, well, when we have time to bust through walls and tear it all up. If we win our pick, the Traditional Two Panel Solid Knotty Alder Sliding Barn Door, it would keep us inspired to move forward, and complete our home. We would use it in our new kitchen for a pantry door. It would be used daily but I am sure it can handle it ;). How fitting for a country farmhouse on a little farm, built in 1903!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Barclay - I would love to put the Traditional Double Z Styled Solid Alder Sliding Barn Door over my laundry room door, which is basically in the living room! Thanks so much! Beautiful craftsmanship!ReplyCancel

  • Casey Rucinski - Oh.My.GOODNESS. This is exactly what we need! I LOVE the bottom-left rustic door option. We have a master bedroom that is open to the master bathroom and I have been picturing a sliding barn door to close it off since before we even put an offer in on the house. I haven’t found the right one UNTIL NOW. Gorgeous products all around!ReplyCancel

  • Kate mcd - Horizontal slat alder barn door. All the doors are amazingReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Chao - I would love to win the rustic modern chevron barn door! It is absolutely amazing and would look perfect for our newly built laundry room addition in the garage. We have everything finished except now we are left with an empty hole in the wall for where the barn door is supposed to be placed. Except, we don’t have it in our budget to afford one just yet, so winning one would be so amazing! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Zuber - I would choose the “Traditional Full Z styled solid Alder” barn door and would use it for our master bath. We just built a house and the current door opens a bit too far into the room so a sliding door would be a great solution!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Schroeder - I have 2 spots where I’ve been thinking about adding a barn door. Each and every one on the site is gorgeous, but that traditional half x looks so amazing installed, it would be hard to beat! Awesome giveaway, thanks so much!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Viña - The traditional full Z is where it’s at! What a lovely airy design. SwoonReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Viña - The traditional full Z would lovingly fill a wall that separates the master and bath area. Light and lovely. Swoon.ReplyCancel

  • Candice Harper - I love three custom built rustic barn farm door”!ReplyCancel

    • Candice Harper - ABC it would definitely go in my living room!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Love the traditional single door, would put it going into our family room! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Fox - Although I have about ten different spots I could think of to use this in my house I would really love to win it for my mom. She is currently renovating her dining and living room area (knocked out a wall by herself too I might add- she’s a go getter) just yesterday she mentioned putting a sliding barn door in place of her bedroom door which is off of the living room. It’s also her birthday this week so this would be amazing to win for her – fingers crossed! The single panel walnut is so gorgeous I think that would be the winner.ReplyCancel

  • Denise - I would use the dreamy Traditional Half X with Vintage Industrial Spoked Hardware for our entry way that leads into my hubby’s office.ReplyCancel

  • Aisha Haney - I love the Half X Traditional style the best. I noticed yours even has the frame around the edges which looks great! I love both the solid white and the more rustic look. I would love this either as a kitchen pantry door or between rooms to close one off when needed.ReplyCancel

  • Tami Kaetzel - I LOVE the rustic sliding barn door. I would use it in the opening between my kitchen and family room.ReplyCancel

  • Lori King - My pick for a barn door would be the beautiful traditional two-panel solid knotty alder sliding barn door with the vintage rustic wide strap hardware! Fingers crossed I win! I know exactly where I want to put it!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Megan Kirchner - I would use any of the natural, simple, dark wood styles. We are currently looking at purchasing and renovation our dream home any of those would be an absolute perfect additool to our foreverse home. (:ReplyCancel

  • Emilee - I LOVE the door with the four glass panels!!! They are all great-but I super love that one!!!ReplyCancel

  • Thea C - Oh my, how does one choose, all the doors and hardware are beautiful! I’ve always wanted one of these doors and have two places they could go. Between the kitchen and dining room and/or between the master bedroom and bathroom, two ideal places for these doors. I like your style door and the vertical reclaimed alder wood door, but I’m not picky! Does he sell these doors in CA, or ship?ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Rabineau - Vertical slat rustic is beautiful but any would be perfect. I would use it to divide my family room from my entry way.ReplyCancel

  • Sara - OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so excited to have won this giveaway! We have been looking at barn doors for years now and fell in love with White Shanty’s style and design! This will be the perfect addition to our 100 year old home – thank you so much Kindred Vintage and White Shanty Design – you have made my day(s)!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Melissa Johnsen - @Sara, I wanted to reach out & say CONGRATS! ?? Please post pics on Instagram so we can all see. ?ReplyCancel

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