Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls

Hello world,

Rob here.  I thought I’d take over the blog this week since the product we’re telling y’all about is one that I am highly familiar with and have eaten an exorbitant amount of.  Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls are Heaven sent bundles of deliciousness.  I have literally eaten 22 in one sitting.  And you know when you’re eating and the first bite is amazing, the second, third, fourth are all just as good but by the time you’ve taken that 30th bite you’ve gotten full and food is still good but not as amazing??   Well these rolls aren’t like that.  They just don’t stop being awesome.  They’re the best – from first roll to thirtieth. 

“Great, where’s your bowl”, every dad ever

As you may have inferred from the “y’all” included in the first sentence of this blog I am from the south, specifically Mississippi.  One of the secrets that southern families have been using to make some of the best suppers in America is the aforementioned yeast rolls and I give my mom credit for always having them.  She’s included them in family dinners for years and I’ve always been super appreciative since being so good I naturally assumed she worked hard to make them.  Brilliantly my mom never corrected me.  I went on for numerous years thinking that I was special because she tried so hard to make something I loved so much.  However, when I had my own family and was hosting everyone one special occasion, maybe Christmas or something, she and I were grocery shopping beforehand and she had me go to the freezer aisle to pick out the Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls.  I was shocked to learn they were made already.  As detailed on the bag, “cooking” was simply heating them up.  5-10 minutes from frozen and they’re done.  So yeah, I now have my own “secret” amazing dinner rolls as well as renewed respect for my scheming mom. 

Not pictured, the five rolls I stole for myself

So there you have it.  These yeast rolls are glorious.  If it were vegetarian I’d probably serve them as the main course.  And the best part for my glutenous persuasions is they come in 30 count bags.

She’s so short!!! Look at her on her cute tippy toes. 🙂

One last thing, when I first hosted a big event I felt as if I had to do everything to the fullest.  Nothing easy to make was going to taste good.  But, after my freezer aisle revelation my mom said to me something like, “Cooking for a lot of people is hard enough.  If there’s an option that tastes better, is faster to prepare, and less messy why wouldn’t you take it?”  That logic was profoundly insightful to me and since there is no real good counter argument I’ve included these rolls as part of my dinners ever since. Here’s a helpful link showing where y’all can buy these rolls. Link

Their smiles are a lot cuter than me drooling over these rolls

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