How I Clean Cleanly

When I was growing up, my mom was amazing (and she still is) but what I mean by that is she single-handedly raised four kids who all turned out pretty normal.  Looking back on things now, I realize even more how amazing she really was.  She was always at every game, recital, play, and show.  She was a strict disciplinarian but was so loving that we never felt that she was strict.  And most amazingly, and with two crazy kiddos and a messy husband of my own I mean “amazingly” in the most awestruck manner of the word, she kept the house spotless.

Recently, I shared a cup of coffee with her and talked about how she did it.  By the way, this cup of coffee was at 10 pm and after she helped me organize my kitchen.  (This was after four months of living in our new home mind you).  I just had to ask how she did it.  What she said to me was that firstly, she had to have a routine.  So for example, she started a load of laundry at night and put it in the dryer in the morning.  Also, she made lunches at night so the morning rush wasn’t so chaotic.  Secondly, and she said this was most important, she never allowed harsh chemicals in her home.  This was the 1980’s and it may be because I was a kiddo myself but I don’t remember anyone questioning the safety of this or that cleaning soap or recognizing that ingredients consisting of 40 character names was questionable.  So mom were amazing again in her foresight and understanding.

Mom always said that she would either use basic vinegar and water or if she bought manufactured cleaning products, she would read the ingredient labels to ensure nothing was dangerous for her babies.  So that is why I trust my mom when she said that she okayed Cascade Pure Essentials Action Pacs.  She looked at the label of ingredients and saw that Cascade actually made the effort to detail what exactly each ingredient was used for.  With 1/3 bio-based and other thoughtfully selected ingredients, Cascade Pure Essentials offers a dependable clean with a simplified formula that meets the needs of today’s families.

So you may be asking how well do these dishwasher packs clean my dishes, well let me tell ya!  They do an amazing job!  Seriously guys, my dishes are sparkly and don’t have any of that chalky residue that I have been thoroughly disgusted by when I’ve tried other dish detergents.

And just like my mom would do, after the two of us finished drinking our coffees, I put our cups of coffee in the dishwasher right after we used them (and not at all because she was watching me).  Yes, routines can be hard sometimes because we don’t always feel like doing them.  But at least with these Cascade Pure Essentials Action Pacs keeping our house free of phosphates and chlorine and all sorts of those nasties is easy.

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