Hickory Farms is Awesome

Hello world.  Rob here.

Hickory Farms is a lifesaver.  I’ll explain below but I want to write that out first and foremost.  And if you’re noticing that something looks a little different on their packaging – you’re right. They just went through a brand refresh for the first time in long time and it looks great.

As y’all likely know, SQ and I moved recently.  I’d like to write that the process was smooth.  It was not.  We thought that with Susan being so good at decorating/staging that we’d have multiple offers on the first day.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.  It may be that we moved at the end of the season, which is big in Chicago because absolutely no one wants to move in snow, but we had a really hard time finding a buyer.  Further, there were numerous other bumps, from having to install air conditioning to having to ask the new home we were moving into to extend our agreement – three times.  The whole ordeal was not pleasant and I wouldn’t want to do it again – ever.

Luckily in the end, it all worked out.  We sold our house to some awesome folks who genuinely love the house and we love the house we moved in to.  But even though the six months of roller coaster emotions and frantic packing were through we were in another bind and that’s where Hickory Farms stepped in.  The moving timeline overlapped numerous gifting occasions.  Gifts for teachers, friends, relatives – every other week it seemed.  And Susan, being the perfectionist that she is, wanted to give something that was meaningful and thoughtful.  Needless to write my suggestion to gift wrap $20’s did not fly.

Susan decided to order Hickory Farms since sharing food is something that brings people together.  And best of all she was able to specify the types of foods she wanted to give.  Popcorn for teachers b\c they really need a movie night.  Meats and cheeses for friends and family b\c she knew I’d be eating most of it.  And chocolates for her girlfriends b\c she knew she’d want to steal a piece or two.  J

So to my point, if you’re ever in a pinch due to huge life changes or if you’re like me and are a procrastinator, Hickory Farms is a lifesaver.  Head to Hickoryfarms.com to check out the Hickory Farms rebrand and all the amazing gifts.

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