Encore Resort Spectacular

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If you follow along on Instagram, you guys know that recently my father passed away.  As you can imagine, that has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my family.  I won’t go into details about that journey here but it was absolutely necessary for my family’s sanity for us to spend time together.  And thankfully the amazing people at Encore Resorts allowed us to enjoy a physical and emotional escape from a pretty rough time.


What I enjoy most about vacations, besides the pena colodas, is time spent with loved ones.  Whether that’s a hubby, wifey, bff, or a whole bunch of friends and family it’s always best to enjoy vacations with those you most like to spend your time with.  In my case, I enjoy having my entire family around.  We were so fortunate for Encore to have the perfect sized house for our big family because we had my mom, my hubby’s parents, my sister in from Australia with her hubby and son, my sister and her husband, plus the four of us, so nine adults and three babes (plus my snowbird uncle stayed with us a night before his cruise around the Caribbean).  You guys, the house we were in was easily fit all of us!  There were 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a game room, two-car garage, and even an entertainment room to watch movies in luxurious leather recliners!!!!!  I need one of those in my house.

In addition, Encore has done a great job of thinking about the needs of people staying in an 11 bedroom house.  There were two dishwashers (conveniently placed right next to the cabinets which is a little thing but really it’s nice not to have to walk 10 feet to put away your cups), two fridges, two ovens and an island that two people could uncomfortably sleep on.  Further, the house’s layout was very strategic.  As you might imagine, while we all love to think that a vacation in beautiful Florida and a pool will always lead to peace and harmony but sometimes it’s good to be able to have private time – a place to allow your kids to come to their senses before rejoining the group.  J  This house allowed that escape.  The rooms were spaced so that each a hungry baby at 2 a.m. didn’t wake up the 5-year old that really, really, really needs her 10 hours every night.  I don’t know who the architect was that designed that house but if I ever meet him or her, I’d like to thank them.

As far as the resort itself, Encore did not skimp.  There was a waterpark, play fields, each house had a pool, and the places to get food were everything anyone could want.  This is amazing since not everyone can handle the Disney Parks more than one or two times in a week (like my husband).  The parks were more than enough to keep our kiddos entertained for a few days during our stay so that we didn’t have to spend hundreds (thousands?) chasing after Mickie.  But if you do go, the resort is just a short driving distance away.  I think it took us 15 minutes and thoughtfully (and thankfully) Encore provides a bus there!!!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have to worry about driving/parking/remembering where the car is when going to Disney.


Last, but not least were the amazing people who work for Encore.   Chefs Jason and Jose cooked a delicious Mexican fajitas dinner, pairing it with a perfect white wine that even my husband liked (he’s a beer guy thru and thru).  From booking until we unfortunately had to go home, the Encore team was unbelievably helpful! The entire team was so helpful throughout our stay – which I put to the test because I’m a very nervous person who has a lot of questions!  We even spoiled ourselves with a cabana one day and the waitress was ah-maz-ing.  Never once did my pena coloda run dry.  It was just truly a perfectly executed experience.

Looking back at our stay, I am so thankful to Encore for giving us a very much needed reprieve from a very difficult time.  For allowing us to enjoy our time together rather than dealing with the hassle of coordinating visits.  And for providing a perfect place to enjoy ourselves in a beautiful and safe environment with amazing help.

I’m really going to miss Florida’s sunsets.

  • Amy - HI Susan,
    I’m sorry for the loss of your father. Losing someone you love is an ’emotional roller-coaster’- as you said. Though I know you will see him again one day and that he’s a lot closer than you may realize.
    I enjoyed reading your post and looking at all of the pictures you shared on your blog. You are a really good photographer. And what a beautiful place to ALL be together.
    Well, I wish you and your family well. With Sympathy, and Best Wishes, Amy.ReplyCancel

    • susan - Thank you so much for your kind words! And I feel the same way about him still being close!

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