Happy Summer!! Hi there guys! I am so honored to be invited to join a tour with her, as well as all these other incredible ladies, including our incredibly talented host Kristen from Ella Claire Blog.  If you’re visiting me from her blog and you know exactly what I mean, stunning! So welcome, I’m so […]

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This post is sponsored by World Market, all opinions are our own. Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of World Market. I love the rustic old-world, bohemian vibe that wonderfully aligns with the style I love to decorate with.  As you can imagine, we were beyond thrilled when we were contacted […]

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  • Catherine - Love this space! It looks so good! Can’t wait to hang out there and enjoy summer with you and the family! 💕ReplyCancel

    • susan - That makes two of us!!! xoxo love you!

  • Kathleen - I love this space and would spend all my time there. I went back to year 1 and 2 and love how the space has evolved. I tried to find more info on the fern art work but didn’t see any reference to it, would you mind sharing the details of this piece?ReplyCancel

    • susan - Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you for your sweet words! The picture is actually from Homegoods, I hope that helps you out some!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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Good afternoon, Friends! Thank you for stopping by today!! I am so excited to share a company that has literally transformed our home, Romabio! Our home is made of solid brick, which is very beautiful but its natural color just wasn’t for us.  It was dark and didn’t show off our 1920’s bungalow in all […]

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  • Merri - This transformation is amazing, love the the lime wash. And the floor painted black, I never would have thought of that! Did you make your mat? Also would you mind sharing where you got the potted tree? If it’s faux, that is…I do not have a green thumb.ReplyCancel

    • susan - Hi Merri, Rob here. Thanks for commenting. SQ picked the black and it’s pretty cool. Hides dirt a lot better than the white we had. She didn’t make the mat. I’ll ask. The tree is a gig from home depot. 🙂

  • Robbin Williams - Good morning Rob and Susan. Can you share where you purchased both the doormats and also their sizes? Thank you both.ReplyCancel

    • Amanda - I have the same question!

  • Amy - Love the limewash! Am considering this look for our red brick home. I am curious…how long has it been since you painted the house and how well has it stood the test of time and weather? Have had several painters respond to this process with skepticism and I’m nervous to take the plunge.ReplyCancel

    • susan - Hi Amy,

      Rob here helping SQ keep up. We applied the lime wash last summer and it looks great. It’s held up very well. The wash isn’t actually paint, which would chip off over time, but rather a “stain” that absorbs into the brick. So I imagine the painters are basing their opinions on what they know and are simply not familiar with Romabio’s product. If you go to their site it actually explains how it works much better than I just did. 🙂


  Good afternoon!! We are so excited to team up with Joss & Main for their design the outdoors campaign again this year.  This year I knew I wanted to do something different but still something special for one of the most important people in our lives – Grandma!  These past few months have been […]

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  • Charlotte - The shed is so cute! Mine has the skylights. I need new doors. We put too many tools in our shed now. I have a neighbor who has 3 sheds. I probably need another one for reading!ReplyCancel

I’m a little bit embarrassed for you to read what I am about to write. Because as an influencer I am so very guilty of several components of what’s to follow. But lately I am feeling tired. And by lately, I would say this past year especially. Tired in all forms of the word, physically […]

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  • Diva Odete Kreszl - Thank you for your transparency and honesty, something we need more of these days. As an empty nester I can now look back and see how much precious time was wasted on my perfectionism, the struggle to always maintain the perfect home. Hopefully young women reading your words today will realize that while all the pretty pics are fun to look at they don’t always represent real life and know that it’s ok to not always have it all together. Now I worry less about the perfect decor in order to have more time enjoying my grandchildren. You’re absolutely right, the first photo of your daughter is precious and captures a special moment!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle O - Kudos to you!!! Both photos ARE perfection!ReplyCancel

  • Angela - I wish i was a good writer…..do you follow Nesting Place? You should give her blog a look she has the perfect mix of the perfectly imperfect home and i think for the most, people appreciate that so much more….it shows a little more truth i guess. I guess blogging, when a blog and a home is as nice as yours…. it’s like reading a magazine where everything is perfect but I find reading a blog is a little more personal with comments and interacting with the person who writes the articles and people love the real life in blogging and pictures, I read it time and time again in the comments section. Anyway hope you understand what i am trying to say. I think you captured a beautiful shot of your daughter in her pj’sReplyCancel

  • Dee - Well this is my very first time reading your blog and I found it very insightful. It really made me think about the Lord and how we sometimes try to hide all the messiness in our life from him and we don’t take things to him in prayer, and we don’t confess our sins and shortcomings, and we try to do everything on our own and take leadership where really he needs to be having Lordship. So thank you for this post and the authenticity that went along with it I do appreciate that so much!ReplyCancel

  • Karlene - Wow! What a beautiful and heartfelt post! I was touched that you were comfortable sharing such honest feelings. Wasn’t it interesting that the photos would show such dramatic different settings? The innocent one truly shows how the beautiful surroundings makes such a comfortable home! It is scary the pressure social media can put on people, good for you to see the differences and choose to be “honest.” I was much more drawn to your original photo than the staged one, and yet your home was identical in both!ReplyCancel

Hi guys!   If you follow along on Instagram, you guys know that recently my father passed away.  As you can imagine, that has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my family.  I won’t go into details about that journey here but it was absolutely necessary for my family’s sanity for us to spend […]

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  • Amy - HI Susan,
    I’m sorry for the loss of your father. Losing someone you love is an ’emotional roller-coaster’- as you said. Though I know you will see him again one day and that he’s a lot closer than you may realize.
    I enjoyed reading your post and looking at all of the pictures you shared on your blog. You are a really good photographer. And what a beautiful place to ALL be together.
    Well, I wish you and your family well. With Sympathy, and Best Wishes, Amy.ReplyCancel

    • susan - Thank you so much for your kind words! And I feel the same way about him still being close!

  • WE’RE GOING TO MAGNOLIA! » Kindred Vintage & Co. - […] what I’ve learned, it’s the adult Disneyworld. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love the magic of Disney. This is beyond my wildest dreams.  Even as I’m write down this post to try and express […]ReplyCancel

This is Rob here taking over Susie Q’s blog.  Apologies in advance for the less than professional picture quality.  She’s the talented one in that regard.  But I posted a few of her pics below so keep reading… 🙂 Susan told me that she heard back from y’all that a lot of you would like […]

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Good morning, sweet friends! Thanks so much for stopping by! I am so thrilled to be taking over MacKenzie-Childs instagram stories today, and to be sharing our Easter tablescape decked out in MacKenzie-Child’s goodness!  As some of you may know, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit MacKenzie-Childs farm last August and it was such a […]

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  • Amy - I’m so glad to see that you posted! I’ve been checking your blog for a while! MacKenzie-Child’s products look like products I enjoyed looking at in a certain retail store on Martha’s Vineyard, years ago. The store closed down (which was a sad day); I have never seen the products of that caliber since. I never paid attention to the product name (I was in High School then– eons ago!). I’m so glad to see the products again. I love the whimsical designs. Thank you for posting this.ReplyCancel

  • Emma wicks - Hi Susan! Your table looks amazing… I love the floral arrangement so much. XoReplyCancel

    • susan - Hi Emma,

      Thank you so much! It was so much fun to set these up.

Hey World! Rob here.  SQ’s favorite hubby and her part-time male model.  She asked me to write about the application process of milk paint since I’ve helped her with several milk painted pieces.  As someone who has worked with many different brands and types of paints, from water-based to oils, I have to write that […]

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  • Miss Mustard Seed - Oh my word. This piece is just stunning. The hardware, the color, the styling… Amazing!ReplyCancel

    • susan - Thank you!!! Your paint is amazing!

  • Alexandra - Hi! This looks awesome, and very similar to a table I want to refinish (colour wise). Could you possibly link the products you used? The milk paint I will google directly, but the hemp oil? Thanks so much 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cassie - I love this piece! Any tips on where I could find something similar? I live just outside Chicago so any specific shops, markets, etc.?ReplyCancel

    • susan - Hey Cassie,

      SQ gets a lot of pieces from estate sales she and her mom visit around Chicagoland. Also, not sure where you’re located but if you are in the western suburbs it would be worth a trip out to Ottawa, IL to a place called Main Street Estate Sales. They’re open every other weekend and on Sundays they’re 50% off.


  • Catherine - This piece looks so beautiful! I love the color and the new hardware is the perfect finishing touch! Beautiful paint job, Rob! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • susan - Cath,

      You’re super cool. You get a running high five next time I see you.

  • Joann L Dickinson - Nice Alliteration RobReplyCancel

    • susan - You’re a genius. Thank you for knowing the formal term and not calling me out for the typo that I’m sure you saw. It has been fixed. See you Sunday!

  • Diego Lopes - Wow, your cabinets look breathtaking! I love the darker color palette, it makes the space even more elegant!ReplyCancel

    • susan - Aww. Thank you so much! You made my day. 🙂

  • Cheryl - Hey there,
    Did you have to prep the piece before applying the milk paint? Did you have to strip the previous wood finish/paint layer off prior to using it? Could you just apply it to a poly-coated piece of furniture with ease? Did you prime it with anything?

    Thanks! I’m really interested on painting my buffet with this product but want to know what I’m getting into before I do it.ReplyCancel

    • susan - Hey Cheryl, Rob here. I did not prep the buffet at all. It wasn’t painted but had a shine to it. I’m not sure how to describe other than it was the same dark wood look that you can find in a lot of old dark brown wooden pieces from 1900s. I used a binding agent so that it stuck better but afterwards I’m thinking that might have been overkill. Plus I must have not mixed it as well as I should have because the white of the binding agent showed through on our typewriter black paint. So I had to go over it after the second coat.

      Depending on the look you’re going for I wouldn’t prime. What’s nice is the milk paint has the soft look of worn paint right away. Not worn out by any means but immediately vintage. On the white wardrobe I painted I only did two coats without a binding agent and it chipped off but that was the vintage look SQ wanted. And the chopping wasn’t crappy looking but more like aged.

      Overall, I’d say this is the easiest paint to use. Apply with a brush, the brush lines don’t really show and it stretches, the paint further. Also, but the hemp oil. Makes it look awesome and stops the chalky feel all non oil paints have. Good luck.