25 tips to get your home ready for guests this Season

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I’m so excited to share some awesome tips to get your home holiday ready before you host! If there is something I adore doing around the holidays, it’s hosting! I love the warmth that the Holidays bring and welcoming family and friends into our home is just so special.  Today I’m joining 4 other bloggers, with Bona, to share our top 25 ways to get your home ready for guests! Each of us will be sharing our top 5 favorite tips to get your home prepped for when  friends and family start visiting.

If you’re anything like me, getting the house clean and sparkly before a big party is a must. I have been known to clean right up until the last minute and attend the party with wet hair just so that the house looked good! Crazy I know, but it’s something that’s in my DNA I swear. 😉

When I got the opportunity to work with Bona on this campaign I was truly so excited! Because you guys, this is the mop we have used for the past two years!! It’s amazing!! I didn’t know about the floor cleaner product until a few days ago, and let me tell you it’s going to change my life! I’m serous, too! Haha

So here are some tips I use to get our Home Holiday ready and in tip top shape!

  1. I promise you this is a quirk of mine. Something I just NEED done before hosting. Having clean floors! I don’t know why, but it’s always been this way, just ask my husband and mother! Ha! But if our floors aren’t washed and sparkly and the rugs aren’t vacuumed the house just doesn’t feel clean. So I always used to whip out the old school bucket and dirty sponge mop, which always grossed me out, but thats the only option I knew! Until a few years ago, when I got my first Bona mop! You can change out the pad that you clean the floor with each time you use it! Simply wash the floor and then toss it into the wash. So easy! The best thing about the mop itself is how easy it is to maneuver. You can reach corners, under the couch, stairs etc so easily! It’s great! And if you’re a little less picky, there is a great soft duster pad you can use if you just need a quick cleaning verses the full washing. And like I said, the spray is a game changer for me! I won’t have to pull out the soap and bucket every time from now on, simply spray and wipe clean! Amazing!!
  2. Always clean your counters down. The room just feels more beautiful and clean. I also like to declutter them, before hosting a party I put the bulkier items and appliances away, coffee maker, toaster, blender etc. this not only looks better, it also opens up space on the counters for the most important thing, food! 🙂
  3. Have a place ready to put coats, purses and shoes. Our front entry closet is more of a pretty little thing, packed with shelves and baskets so hanging coats isn’t an option. So I usually pick a room off the beaten path for guests to store there items! For us, it’s the guest room on our main floor. That way items are all together and not in the way!
  4. Light candles and if you have one, turn on the fireplace! There’s nothing like the flow from fire that makes a home feel cozier this time of year! Create a warm atmosphere that instantly has guests feeling right at home as they enter yours!
  5. Christmas tree(s) obviously you probably already have it turned on if you are hosting a holiday party, but one thing I love is having the fresh scent of pine in the air! We have faux trees, so that’s something I always think about! I love our faux trees, so to get that fresh scent I always add in some fresh greenery elsewhere! Usually in a wreath or garland! It gives off the same aroma so your home is filled with Christmas cheer even if you have a faux tree! 

I did a mini series of pics to show our floor right after putting our flocked tree up. It just took one spray of the Bona Hardwood floor deep cleaner and a few swipes of the mop to get them looking sparkly clean!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into what it looks like prepping to entertain here at home! As always thank you for stopping by, loved having you!! And next time you’re in the market for mop, grab a Bona mop, I swear, you’ll love it!!

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